Acai. Your new friend with benefits.

bowl_1It really works people…

Make acai your friend!


The Farmer's Daughter

Alright…first thing’s first. Guys – I taught my very first hot yoga class at Yoga at Tiffany’s on Monday! I planned a sequence and ran through it for 3 days.  I still didn’t feel ready. When I arrived, I had 12 eager yogi’s ready to do a hot, sweaty flow.  The first 5 minutes I was scared out of my mind, but by the time the class got going I settled down and did my thing.  I had THE BEST time! I’ve been on a yoga teacher high ever since.  Can’t wait for next Monday! And the best part? My regular Barre girls took off work, found babysitters, and all came to my class. It meant the world to me! They are seriously the best, I am so grateful for each of them.

L to R: Kelly, Me, Amber, Ericka. My barre-holics: Kelly, Me, Amber, Ericka.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming…

I have been on an acai…

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