‘The Wolf Among Us’ Episode 3 ‘A Crooked Mile’ Review


The Wolf Among Us A Crooked Mile Screen 1

Platforms: PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC/Vita/iOS
Developer/Publisher: Telltale Games
Genre: Point & Click, Adventure Platform Played: PC

‘A Crooked Mile’ takes The Wolf Among Us series past the half-way point in the story, with only two episodes left to wrap up this ever-increasing dark tale. Episode 3 doesn’t just provide some of the toughest decisions in the series, but it also introduces new hurdles that Bigby Wolf must face, if he is to catch the murderous Fable that is on the loose.

When you think you have the plot of The Wolf Among Us figured out, Telltale Games pulls the rug from beneath your feet. Episode 3 continues directly from the shocking ending of the previous episode, which is the central motivation throughout. ‘A Crooked Mile’ also delivers an extremely memorable and explosive final scene, one that will shock the foundations of Fabletown, depending on the decisions you make. The final scene…

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